Aegean Plus Real Estate is a company that provides valuable service to its customers with its 16 years of expertise in land buying and selling.

Aegean Plus Real Estate offers a valuable service to its customers with its expertise in land buying and selling. Land has a strategic importance for those who want to invest or implement a project, and therefore the right land selection and operations are very critical. Aegean Plus Real Estate guides and supports its customers in this process with its land service.

Our land services include:

Professional Consultancy: Our experienced experts provide professional consultancy to our customers regarding the purchase or sale of land. They will help you determine the most suitable land for you.

Research and Analysis: Land selection requires comprehensive research and analysis, including environmental factors, zoning status, infrastructure opportunities and future potential. Aegean Plus Real Estate helps you access this important data.

Negotiation and Pricing: Negotiation and pricing are important in land buying and selling transactions. We negotiate the best prices to protect our customers' interests.

Legal Support: We cooperate to properly navigate all necessary legal processes and provide legal support to our customers.

Seamless Transaction Management: Aegean Plus Real Estate makes land buying and selling processes smooth for our customers. We manage all transactions meticulously.

With our land service, we offer our customers all the tools they need to make smart land investments. For those who want to own land surrounded by the beauties of the Aegean Region, Aegean Plus Real Estate serves as a trusted and passionate partner.